Winter Emergency Car Kit

Winter Emergency Triangle

The winters in Cadillac and Bellaire can be unpredictable, which is why proper preparation is so vital as the cold weather approaches. One of the best ways to secure peace of mind during your winter travels is to have a car emergency kit on hand. What should you store in your winter emergency kit? Let’s find out, and visit our parts department to get your emergency winter car kit started.

How Do You Plan a Car Emergency Kit?

Think strategically about your emergency winter car kit. What roads do you travel during an average week? What weather do you encounter in the Manistee winters? You might deal with icy driveways or salt-covered highways, or you might travel snowy side roads in a remote area. 

Here are a few valuable items to keep in your winter emergency car kit, and then feel free to ask our parts department for recommendations based on your route:

  • Emergency personal items: cell phone charger, camera, first-aid kit
  • Items to help when stranded: flashlight, warning signaling cones, backup batteries, safety vest, and roadside triangles
  • Long-lasting food and water: granola, protein bars, water
  • Snow removal tools: Ice scraper, portable shovel
  • Common winter items: gloves, blanket, rain poncho, rags, boots, socks, a hat 

Emergency Tool Kit for Car

Your emergency winter car kit should also contain tools for the road. This means anything from jumper tables to tow straps, depending on your typical Manistee travels. Here are a few suggestions for your emergency tool kit for your car:

  • Flat tire kit: A flat tire kit is a great choice for any car emergency kit. If your car came with one in the trunk, be sure to check your supplies to make sure nothing is missing and to check the pressure of your spare if you have one.
  • Jumper cables: Jumper cables are compact, but they can make a huge difference if your battery dies on the roads. Pick up a spare set at our parts department if you misplace yours.
  • Tow strap: If you get stuck in a ditch, a tow strap can help someone bring you back to safety. Brush up on proper tow strap usage in your owner’s manual.
  • Fire extinguisher: Automotive fire extinguishers are made just for cars, so they won’t damage your components if you have to use them. Plus, they’re small enough to fit in your trunk. 

Create Your Winter Emergency Kit at Serra Nissan of Traverse City

Need help piecing together a great emergency tool kit for your car? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Serra Nissan of Traverse City. Our team can help you find the components that you need, so contact us at any time. We can also help you get your car ready for winter with maintenance, so feel free to schedule your visit to our service center.


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